VSEPR Chemistry Invaders

The Fun and Interactive Way to Master Molecular Geometries!

VSEPR Chemical Invaders

Chemistry is an in-depth subject that takes a lot of concentration and engagement with materials. Because of this, oftentimes, the fun of Chemistry evaporates from a liquid to a gas quicker than water freezes to ice.

That’s why we came up with VSEPR Chemical Invaders!

…The cutting-edge, augmented reality app takes learning Chemistry to a whole new level.

How Does VSEPR Chemical Invaders Works?

Play to Win and Learn in the Process
With VSEPR Chemical Invaders, you’ll learn VSEPR chemistry configurations step-by-step. Our chemistry app offers a unique approach to learning that combines playing and winning with educational content.

Arcade-Style Shooter Mode

Prepare for an adventure that’s out of this world with VSEPR Chemical Invaders! In the arcade-style shooter mode, you’ll shoot down molecular geometry models within a specific timeframe. With interactive gameplay and engaging graphics, learning has never been this fun!

Tutorial Mode

The tutorial mode allows you to learn at your own pace. Our app walks you through each VSEPR chemistry configuration, providing a detailed explanation and visual representation of each molecular structure. You can master each configuration before taking on the game mode and become a VSEPR pro in no time!

Step by Step Learning

Learn VSEPR Chemistry Configurations With Ease!

Our chemistry app features various configurations, including Linear, Trigonal Planar, Tetrahedral, Trigonal Bipyramidal, and Octahedral. By learning about these configurations, you’ll understand how electron repulsion creates different molecular geometries.

Play the Game

Get ready for some serious fun! Start by learning about the different VSEPR chemistry configurations, then dive into the game mode. You’ll have a certain amount of time to shoot down as many molecular geometry models as possible. Be careful, shooting the wrong model will deduct points!

Score Report

At the end of the game, your score will be reported, and you’ll see how well you did. The free version of our chemistry app features games that last 1 to 2 minutes, but if you want an extended experience, our In-App purchase provides game lengths from 3 to 8 minutes.

Benefits of VSEPR Chemical Invaders

Perfect for Students Struggling to Visualize 3D Molecular Structures

Our chemistry app allows you to see these structures in a better context than a traditional 2D piece of paper. Plus, there’s nothing else quite like VSEPR Chemical Invaders on the market! It’s much more fun than a worksheet and appeals to a younger and older audience alike!

Download VSEPR Chemical Invaders Today…

…and Become a Master of Molecular Geometries

What are you waiting for? Download VSEPR Chemical Invaders today and start learning molecular geometries in a fun and exciting way! With our innovative and interactive chemistry app, you’ll get ahead of your class and have fun doing it.
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