Rowing STEM App

Power Ten Development, LLC in partnership with Tulsa Youth Rowing Association has developed an app to help support the gROW Tulsa Rowing STEM Curriculum. To find out more about the gROW Tulsa Outreach Initiative click here.

The app works with the Concept2 rowing machine equipped with a PM5 monitor.

The Rowing STEM app allows outreach programs and rowing clubs the chance to provide learning experiences to help develop and reinforce science and mathematical concepts in relation to rowing. Data collection functionality allows for quick and easy export to a Comma Separated Values file to email, text or airdrop to other devices and programs.

STEM Features

Real-time data collection and deriving of the following metrics.

  • Stroke Number
  • Time Elapsed (Seconds)
  • Distance (Meters)
  • Stroke Rate (Strokes/Minute)
  • 500m Split (seconds)
  • Power per stroke (Watts)
  • Heart Rate (Beats Per Minute) * User needs a heart rate monitor belt for this functionality
  • Peak Force (Newtons)
  • Average Drive Force (Newtons)
  • Drive Length (Meters)
  • Drive Time (seconds)
  • Derived: percentage of stroke complete when peak force is reached
  • Derived: Impulse (Average force x time)
  • Work Per Stroke (Joules)
  • Derived: Stroke Speed (Meters/Second)
  • Force Curve Points for each force curve. (disclaimer, these points are not absolute points. However, the data points are relative to each other for analysis of the overall shape of the force curve)

Exporting Data

A CSV file stores all of the metrics captured by the app. As a result, the app can export the generated file via various forms of transmission (text, email, etc..)

Data is captured in CSV format and can be exported from the app easily.

How Much Power Can You Create Lab Activity?

Students can synchronize the app to the PM5 monitor and receive real-time feedback on the type of electrical device they could power at their current level of power output in Watts. Therefore, they learn about power in a fun and interactive manner.

Rowing STEM watts activities how much power can you create?
An activity aimed at middle school students enables users to find out what household appliance would be powered at the current Watts output of each stroke.

Rowing STEM Curriculum Access

  • Access to the Rowing STEM curriculum in PDF format. As a result, the app can export lab activities in order to make hard copies.
All lab activities are stored in the app for easy access and exporting to make copies.

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