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The Ultimate Interdisciplinary STEM Program

At Tulsa Youth Rowing Association, we’re passionate about making STEM education accessible, engaging, and fun for everyone. Our innovative app is designed to help students learn about science, technology, engineering, and math through the sport of rowing. With RowingSTEM, students can collect data from the Concept2 rowing machine with a PM5 monitor, analyze it using interactive graphing functionality, and perform pre-written experiments with our curriculum or develop their own investigations.

Underserved Youth and Limited Opportunities

The Achievement Gap in STEM Education

Many young people from underserved communities lack access to quality teaching and learning that help to improve STEM outcomes. Traditional STEM education often fails to engage students, and lacks a real-world connection to their lives. Without exposure to STEM education, underserved youth may not have access to the high-paying jobs of the future.

The RowingSTEM Solution

Underserved Youth and Limited Opportunities
RowingSTEM provides an access point for young people to experience rowing, develop wellness habits, and learn math and science in an engaging and meaningful way. Our app provides a unique and engaging way to collect rowing data from the Concept2 rowing machine with a PM5 monitor, and use it to teach students about STEM concepts through prewritten experiments, interactive graphing functionality, and custom investigations.

The sport of rowing is a perfect match for teaching STEM concepts, as it allows students to FEEL concepts in physics such as acceleration, speeds, and the meaning of slope on a graph.

Why RowingSTEM is the Ultimate Learning Option

A Comprehensive Interdisciplinary STEM Program
  • RowingSTEM provides a comprehensive STEM education program that is accessible to students of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Our app features a robust learn-to-row curriculum with instructional videos to help users row effectively and safely.
  • Students can analyze their data using extensive graphing functionality, perform prewritten experiments with our curriculum, or use the app to develop their own investigations.
  • Our programs and apps are designed to be human-centered experiences that support ALL people to be better versions of themselves.
  • Our professional development program is designed to help educators, rowing coaches, and parents leverage the power of the app and curriculum to improve STEM outcomes and opportunities for their students.

Available for both Android and iOS Devices

RowingSTEM is available on both the App Store and Google Play store, making it easy to access on both Android and iOS devices. Whether you use an iPhone or Android, you can download the app and start exploring its features in just a few clicks.

And the best part...?

RowingSTEM is regularly updated to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of both operating systems. This means you won’t have to worry about outdated features or compatibility issues.

Try RowingSTEM Today

Enhance Your Fitness – Advance Your Learning
If you’re an educator, rowing coach, or parent who is interested in giving your students a head start in STEM education, we invite you to explore the RowingSTEM app. Our app is already developed, and we provide professional development to help you leverage the power of the app and curriculum to improve STEM outcomes and opportunities for your students.
Join the movement today, and let’s transform the way young people learn – together.