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Remote Rowing Coaching for iOS

The Ultimate Rowing App to Boost Training and Performance
Are you an athlete looking to take your rowing game to the next level? Or are you a coach wanting to monitor your athletes’ progress remotely? Remote Rowing Coaching is the only rowing app that provides force curve analysis, making it the best option for individual coaching with deep data access and analysis.

How It All Began

Breaking Down the Limitations of Remote Rowing Coaching
As a seasoned rowing coach, I knew there had to be a better way to coach my athletes technically on a Zoom call. That’s when I set out to create software that would allow for real-time data transmission and deeper analysis of rowing data. Remote Rowing Coaching is an app that empowers coaches and athletes to improve performance through a wealth of data at their fingertips.

Unlock Your Potential with Remote Rowing Coaching

Remote Coaching Convenience with In-Person Perks
With Remote Rowing Coaching, coaches and athletes can access a deeper level of metrics during their rowing training. Whether you’re an athlete looking to improve your performance, or a coach wanting to raise your coaching game, RRC is the perfect option for you.

Key Features and Benefits

Ramping Up Performance with Remote Rowing Coaching
Data Analysis
Remote Rowing Coaching collects 17 metrics that can be plotted (two at a time) on a scatterplot for deeper analysis of rowing data. This feature allows athletes to improve their performance and track their progress over time.
Force Curve Analysis
Remote Rowing Coaching is the only rowing app on the market that provides force curve analysis. This feature allows athletes to look at force production during training at specific stroke rates, which can help improve drive mechanics and application of force for faster times.
Real-Time Data Transmission
Remote Rowing Coaching transmits data in real-time to the cloud for remote coaching. Our rowing app also transmits force curve data in real-time, which is particularly useful for coaches who want to provide better feedback to their clients based on metrics.
Peak Power Testing
Remote Rowing Coaching offers peak power testing, which involves 7-stroke max pull testing. This feature allows athletes to see if their strength training is helping them improve.
Integrated with the Concept2 Logbook
Remote Rowing Coaching is integrated with the Concept2 Logbook and is verified by Concept2. This means that athletes can easily transfer data to the Logbook, and the app is recognized by Concept2 for official ranking worldwide.
Built by a Rowing Coach for Other Rowing Coaches
Remote Rowing Coaching was built by a rowing coach for other rowing coaches. This means that our rowing app fills in gaps in functionality not available through other apps, making it particularly helpful for experienced coaches who understand how to leverage the power of the app.

Download the Remote Rowing
Coaching for iOS

Take Your Rowing Performance Past the Finish Line Today
If you’re an athlete or coach looking for a powerful tool to improve your rowing performance, download Remote Rowing Coaching today. The app is available for iOS only, and we’re confident that once you try it, you’ll see why it’s the best rowing app on the market for individual coaching that provides access to deep data access and analysis.
With Remote Rowing Coaching, you can unlock your potential and achieve your rowing goals like never before. Don't wait – download now and take your rowing game to the next level!