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I offer Chemistry tutor services in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. I am also available for online tutoring worldwide via Skype or similar.

The cost for tutoring is $50 per hour.

I have taught Chemistry at the high school level for over 15 years. My students have been successful at the high school and college level. I was recently awarded the Pauline McFarlin Walter Upper School Master Teacher Chair at Holland Hall, Tulsa, OK.

As you can see from the Chemistry Apps featured on this site, I am very passionate about teaching Chemistry and providing a first-rate experience for my students.

Chemistry Tutor Tulsa Oklahoma

Why Hire A Chemistry Tutor?

Chemistry is a complex and challenging subject. These challenges are rooted in the many areas. Some challenges may be rooted in problem solving ability. Other difficulties may be encoutered because of a student’s learning style or the number of students in a particular class. Additionally, private tutoring provides individualized instruction, saves time, and helps foster confidence.

First Year Pre AP Chemistry Tutoring

I work hard to ensure that my students have a firm foundation upon which to develop their understanding of Chemistry. When I tutor first-year Chemistry students my primary focus is to provide instruction so that my students understand the concepts so that they can critically think and develop their problem-solving ability. I feel it is vital to empower the student and help them gain confidence in their ability to perform well on quizzes, tests, and finals.

AP Chemistry Tutoring

I have ten years of experience instructing students in AP Chemistry. At this level of study, it is crucial that students can connect different content areas. This ability enables them to perform well on the multiple choice and free response questions on the exam in May. Topic areas such as thermodynamics, equilibrium, and acid/base Chemistry tend to be major topics on the exam. As a result, it is essential that students develop a strong understanding in each of these areas to secure success and prepare for college. Students that have graduated our high school return to visit after taking their introductory college courses and and they meet with success because of the work they have done in my class. With this confidence, they can succeed as the difficulty of the material increases as their career progresses.

If you would like to take action and receive personal Chemistry tutoring or make an inquiry, you can contact me at or click on the button.
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