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The Ultimate Chemistry Tutoring Experience in Tulsa and Beyond
If you’re a high school student struggling with the challenging concepts in Chemistry or AP Chemistry classes, then you’re in the right place. Through my in-person or online Chemistry tutor classes, you’ll receive individualized instruction from an experienced and award-winning Chemistry teacher with 20+ years of experience.

About Me

I am a STEM educator who has helped hundreds of students achieve success in their Chemistry and AP Chemistry classes. With extensive experience working with high school students in both educational and coaching capacities, I understand why students struggle with certain concepts and can help them understand and apply college-level concepts to get a head start on their entry-level Chemistry classes in college.

My exceptional track record as a teacher has earned me the Pauline McFarlin Walter Upper School Master Teacher Chair at Holland Hall in Tulsa, OK.

Your Expert Chemistry Tutor in Tulsa
Neil Bergenroth
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Why Hire a Chemistry Tutor?

Overcoming Challenges in Chemistry and Unlocking Your Potential
Chemistry is a complex and challenging subject that requires a strong foundation of knowledge and skills to succeed. Private tutoring can provide individualized instruction, save time, and foster confidence in students. Whether a student is struggling with problem-solving abilities or learning styles, I can provide the necessary support to help them succeed.

First Year Pre-AP Chemistry Tutoring

Develop Strong Foundations for Future Success
As an experienced Chemistry tutor, I understand the importance of building a strong foundation for my students. When I tutor first-year Chemistry students, my primary focus is to provide instruction that allows students to understand concepts and develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Empowering students and helping them gain confidence in their ability to perform well on quizzes, tests, and finals is vital.

AP Chemistry Tutoring

Overcoming Challenges in Chemistry and Unlocking Your Potential
I have years of experience in instructing students in AP Chemistry, where the ability to connect different content areas is crucial. I provide my students with the necessary support to perform well on the multiple-choice and free-response questions on the exam in May. Topic areas such as thermodynamics, equilibrium, and acid/base Chemistry tend to be major topics on the exam. Developing a strong understanding in each of these areas is essential to secure success and prepare for college.

Our Happy Students

When working with Neil, I appreciated being able to ask questions and get a straightforward answer. Learning from him was easy, and it helped me deepen my understanding.

Neil would use stories to explain a topic completely separate from the Chemistry we were studying. This helped me more than a lecture or just reading the textbook. It helped me uniquely relate to the topic.

If you want to improve your understanding of AP Chemistry and really “get it,” then you should consider Mr.Bergenroth. He takes the time to explain topics you are having trouble with. He will explain concepts in multiple ways to help you grasp the subject. He is patient and willing to try again if you are still struggling.

Luke Carter

Online Chemistry Tutor

Made Convenient and Accessible for High School Students
In addition to offering in-person Chemistry tutoring in Tulsa, OK, I am also available for online Chemistry tutoring worldwide via Skype or similar platforms. Whether you live too far from Tulsa or have a busy schedule, online tutoring provides an accessible and convenient option for you to receive expert instruction from the comfort of your own home.

Looking for a Chemistry Tutor in Tulsa?

Contact Me Today and Let's Achieve Success in Chemistry, Together
If you are a high school student struggling with Chemistry or AP Chemistry, or the parent of a student who needs extra support, I’m the go-to Chemistry tutor in Tulsa that can help. Contact me today to schedule an in-person or online Chemistry tutor session, and take the first step towards mastering Chemistry concepts and building a bright future.